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Allwrightforensics Llc Collision Reconstruction

Allan Wright

Experience and Training

Allan retired from the New York State Police after serving more than thirty years with the organization.  He rose from Trooper through Investigator and Sergeant before becoming a Senior Investigator supervising the Forensic and Collision Reconstruction Unit covering five counties. 


He began his training and experience as a Collision Reconstructionist in 1992 and since has received additional training in the fields of Commercial Motor Vehicles, Pedestrian, Bicycles,and  Motorcycles.


Trained in the field of crime scene investigation rose to the position of member-in-charge of the State Police Troop Forensic Unit before his retirement.  Responsible for crime scene management and on-scene investigation and supervision and latent fingerprint search and analysis, in addition to training of all new unit members.  Level 3 New York State Latent Print Examiner.


Has given expert testimony in the field of collision reconstruction as well as crime scene investigation.


State University of New York at Canton - Adjunct Instructor  Forensic Photography

    Previous course offered Collision Reconstruction - currently not offered

New York State Police Academy - Collision Investigation

New York State Police - Troop B HQ - Crime Scene Processing

Bureau of Municipal Police - Collision Investigation

New York State Park Police - Collision Investigation